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Copy of email

Hallo there everyone

If its OK with everyone, Sunday is a rehersal for The Sith Amulet - for the final fight scene.. involving Leiru (Ross), Eth'real Ca'rider (Cass) and Arath Da'oth (moi).... (OK Hadror is in it too but he has it easy with just firing a blaster and being force-lighteninged and this rehearsal will just concentrate on the lightsabre stuff....) I was thinking meet up at 12ish at the Brixham bus station then (if the weathers good) we can go to Battery Gardens (lots of room there) .....
We should be finished at 3.30 at the latest.

Nicky - If you want to come (if you can, theres no panic if you cant, there will be several other rehersals) I can run you through some basic camera stuff and you can have a go at filming the rehersal...

If the weather is crap on Sunday I will text everyone involved with whats going on or not...

PS. The Sith Amulet script has been updated. This is mainly dialogue changes at the end between Hadror, Master Ta'lasi'h and Arath so that the whole Sith Amulet thing makes more sense at the end. The updated script is on the website
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