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Filming Dates- The Sith Amulet

These are the provisional shooting times and dates. I am waiting for some cast / crew still to confirm, so if you havent, please email in confirm or sort things out as will be booking locations on Tuesday and location owners need to know who is coming and when - in the case of both Oldway and Berry Head, they need to know on/by Tuesday Sept 27 to sign contracts and things... ... Filming will take place during the Half Term week.

...............Monday 25th October to Friday 29th October ...................................

Currently we are concentrating on the scenes that take place on Korriban and Coruscant. So those are the scenes that will take place filming at Berry Head and The Grove woodland, although we will be filming the Jedi Temple scene as well..... The scene that involves the Republic Cruiser will be shot at a later date in November or early December.

With the exception of Oldway Mansion, the locations are outdoors, so bring a coat and sturdy footwear for going to and from the locations.


Monday- required characters: Hadror and Arath Da'oth. Filming all day (prob about 11am onwards)... at The Grove and Fishcombe.

Scenes - 12, 14 (minus Ta'lasi'h), 15, 17, 18, 19


Tuesday - required characters: Eth'real Ca'rider, Arath Da'oth. Filming 12 midday until appox 7pm as we will need some dusk shots. Filming at The Grove.

Scenes 4, 5, 11, 13, 7, 8, 9 13. Luckily most of these scenes are really short, single shots, so dont faint at the list!


Wednesday - required characters: Eth'real Ca'rider, Hadror, Leiru, Arath Da'oth. Filming 12 midday until 5pm at latest, location: Berry Head.

Scenes 15 and 16: the confrontation at Dreshdae


Thursday - required characters: Master Ta'lasi'h and Leiru. filming time TBA with location (hopefully Oldway Mansion).

Jedi temple scene (6)


Friday- EVERYONE required for final fight scene and finale at The Grove.

Some cast (those who get killed in scene 20: thats Leiru and Ca'Rider) will be able to go home early (by 5pm) while the final two scenes are shot afterwards. Will also film Ta'lasi'h's part of scene 14.
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