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Cast for live action and voice overs (male and female) wanted for two star wars fan films being shot October/ November in the South Devon area between Brixham and Torquay (approx). Films will be entered to the "Atom Films" star wars section as well as being hosted online. Ideally you will live fairly locally for rehearsals and suchlike. GSOH and enthusiasm required. email for the scripts if youre interested. Auditions will be held by appointment in Brixham or Torquay.

2nd camera-person also wanted, cameras supplied!



Serious drama (no comedy!) set during the Clone Wars, in a period of time somewhere between Attack Of The Clones and Revenge Of The Sith. Two Jedi apprentices, returning from a mission on the Outer Rim, are attacked by a mysterious ship. Theirs crashes on a strange planet, a mixture of desert and jungle, and they find themselves not only beset by ancient Sith evil, but also modern Sith as well…….

live action roles


Eth’real Ca’rider

Originally envisioned as a female human character but this is not a hard and fast requirement. Ca’rider is a Jedi apprentice, whose powers have resulted in arrogance. Ca’rider is very proud of being a “model apprentice”. In the film Ca’rider however does turn to the Dark Side……after being entrapped by the sith..


Arath Da’oth – (cast)

Arath is the apprentice of Master Ta’lasi’h and the opposite to Ca’rider. Described by her master as wilful and headstrong and seriously at risk from the Dark Side, she however has no interest in power for powers sake and is probably more down to earth than Ca’rider. Lack of interest in power means that she does resist the Dark Side, even on  the Sith planet Korriban.


Master Ta’lasi’h

Male, human. Appears in two scenes of the film but has some quite dramatic acting to do! Araths jedi master. Usually exasperated by Arath, he nevertheless has a concealed but strong faith in his apprentice, and they are actually very close (not in the romantic sense).



Human, originally written for a male character but this is not compulsory.. Leiru is an aide to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, who visits Korriban, outwardly on a diplomatic mission to the small spaceport of Dreshdae that is now run by Czerka Corporation, in reality he is on a mission vital to the Sith interests of Palpatine.

Learning of the disappearance of Arath and Ca’rider in the vicinity of Korriban, he also uses his mission as a ruse to either destroy them if they are still alive , or to turn them to the dark side with the aid of the native evil upon the planet.


Hadror – (cast)

Male, human. A Corellian smuggler/pirate, one of a band of smugglers who thought to set up a hidden base on Korriban. Now, his ship destroyed, and companions dead, he has survived for several years in a strange jungle area of Korriban. He hopes to use the powers of the two Jedi to locate ancient hidden Sith ships as an escape from the planet, but instead becomes embroiled in the conspiracy of Leiru……


Cruiser pilot

Can be male or female. Brief role in the first scene, this character is the pilot of the Republic cruiser carrying Arath and Ca’rider that crashes on Korriban. The polit is killed in the crash.



Voice only

Mace Windu

Jedi Master and member of the Jedi Council, appears in a radio transmission



Jedi Master and member of the Jedi Council, appears in a radio transmission


Sith Spirit 1

spirit guarding ancient Sith temple. Succeeds in trapping Ca’rider, and tries to trick Arath.


Sith spirit 2

Guardian within the Sith temple. Tries to kill Arath and Hadror when they come exploring for the ancient ships.



Supreme Chancellor. Seems to be one of the few honest politicians but as we know is truly a Dark Lord of The Sith…






ZOMBIE JEDI APOCOLYPSE: The mystic power of tea.

A whacky comedy, not sent in any especial period of the Star Wars universe, where the Jedi and the Sith are pitted against each other in a race to find the mysterious leaf known as “tea”.


Live action

Arath Da’oth – (cast)

A Jedi who awakens from the dead after a Sith attack in the graveyard of a small English town, and resumes her quest for the leaf known as Tea, only whispered of in legend


Arthur  - (cast)

Arthur Dent from Hitch-hikers, makes an appearance as a resident of the aforementioned small English town and ends up saving the day..


Triceratops Kapinsky – (cast)

Other random Jedi character who appears towards the end of the film to warn of the presence of the Sith


Exar Kun – (cast)

Sith lord, also searching for the mystical tea


Ice cream  shop assistant

Confused local who tells Exar Kun that tea is not to be found in ice cream.


Pot-seller (assistant in dodgy shop!)

Kun discovers merchandise in a shop with the cannabis leaf motif and is fooled for a time into thinking that these items are religious items for the worship of tea.


Voice overs

Bone – (cast)

Vice for animated character, based on Arthur Dents rabbit bone of the novels…


Master Nomsyny Tea (hopefully cast!)

Jedi master who is also seeking tea. (voice over only)




Outside shop in opening scene

Tramp (cast)

Asleep on bench in opening scene

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