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Star Wars Fan Film-making UK

Star Wars Fan Filmmaking projects UK..
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This community is for those interested in and/or involved in participating in UK a Star Wars fan film series, the main website is http://www.angelfire.com/theforce2/jedifanfilms.

The Sith Amulet is the first of the serious dramas. On a remote planet three Jedi apprenctices discover an ancient Sith artifact. Each must resist the lure of the Dark Side, and unravel a mystery that could change the Universe.

Directing, writing and creating these films is a co-operative affair, with everyone having a say in it.

Rules of the site
- all posts must relate to film making, acting, or Star Wars fandom in the UK. Memes are not OK, nor are selling posts. Ads for meets and conventions are welcome as long as they are in the UK. You are welcome to discuss other Star wars fan films here.
-No flaming, bitching, or impoliteness.

Useful links
UK Fan Force forum
International forum for Star Wars fan-films
Star Wars costuming forum
Lots of links and technical tutorials for making a Star Wars fan film
IFILMs page on Star wars fan films
Excellent site on prequel costuming
Jedi fighting styles
Film making, casting and crewing site for the UK
voice over acting - casting
Star Wars fan film database
Pinnacle video editing
Brilliant free audio editing programme
Free 3D editing programme, looks sooo good
Blender tutorial on opening crawl. I think we can do it in Pinnacle.. but...

Links to other fan sites
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